About Us

About Us

T.E.M is THE ENTREPRENEURS MINDSET. It is a mentorship program, pep talk, and coaching initiative which is, aimed at improving the minds of people in their belief for better days ahead and making them realize that they can develop whatever they think with passionate practice, learning, and consistency; “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. T.E.M is an enriched creative and innovative programme designed to transform the lives of every entrepreneur, start-up, Blue Chip Company and even the common market woman/man, farmers etc.

What we aim to achieve

What is our goal and our expected outcome?

We will introduce them to the social media world, Tips and Tricks, its business strategies and how to maintain their businesses with little or nothing, helping them understand the power of the social media, through a social network which will be created at every encounter we have with them. This is aimed at creating the largest social media network that exists in the world. We will have guest appearances, by contemporary, pace-setting and experienced entrepreneurs, especially startups.

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